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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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texts sore after north korea threatened to strike the u.s. territory of qualm what the leaders are saying in response. breaking right now manhunt is underway after a driver, runs down, several soldiers in france, why eyewitnesses are saying this was not an accident. and locals are calling it lake christie and now battle over margate's controversial dunes project returns to court big question a federal judge will consider later today. and today is wednesday august 9th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jan carabao. jim donovan has the morning off. lets check traffic with meisha and weather with katie. >> good morning, great to see you again. we're looking outside and, of
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course we're talking about overnight construction project that are going to trip you up, one being the vine. >> yes. >> i know, katie. >> at lee catch lights from the ben franklin parkway. >> any excuse. >> no congestion in the early morning hours. >> exactly, very true. i get why they do it in the middle of the night because there are not that many cars but all and all weather is looking cooperative for us. talk about a nice looking day. crisp outside, little taste of fall not everyone is excited about that idea but it will be a nice warm afternoon and comfortable. more so. this is a little taste of september, more than anything, but we are still looking a head to a beautiful day regardless and with that nice clear sky you can easier, that is easier to make out that nearly full moon here early this morning. looking around the region in terms of the temperatures, it is down right, chilly, in the mount pocono area we are down to 48 degrees.
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that is sweat shirt weather. in the city, still quite comfortable. 67 degrees by comparison. talk about a beautiful day. but sunshine in the forecast all day to day. clearly, described from it last night that should stay today so we will update that for you but regardless all of those checked boxes make sense for today. it looks beautiful. >> good, exactly what we want to hear. thanks very much. that is awesome. one thing i want to call your attention to the world of travel this morning is this is video looking at 21st street between arch and race streets because of a street has caved in. it actually happened last night sometime. repairs are happening, today, it should be opened by this afternoon. so for now your alternate is 20th and 19th is your best bet the vine street expressway is closed, as crews move out of the way and resurfacing project schuylkill between gulph mills and gladwynn that right lane is closed there. jan and rahel, back to you.
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meisha, thanks. breaking news manhunt is underway in france for a driver whom police say ran down soldiers on patrol in paris. >> authorities say they rode into that group this morning. paris mayor says it was quote, without a doubt, deliberate, six soldiers were injured. this comes four days after a teenager tried to attack security forces guarding the eiffel tour. elect officialness gu a.m. are reassuring citizens they are safe following north korea 's threat to strike the territory. it follows new intelligence an asses. revealed north korea has ability to pre dues nuclear war head small enough to fit atop a missle. the governor maintaining island is safe. >> there are several levels of defense all placed to protect our island and our nation, additionally, i have reached out to the white house this morning, and an attack on threat of qu a.m. is a threat or an attack on the united states. >> president trump vowed to answer north korea's threat with fire and fury like the
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world has never seen. lawmakers on capitol hill believe trump's reaction is making the tense situation, worse. the battle over that controversial dune project in margate continues today with the hearing in federal court, and the army core of engineers will ask a judge to lift temporary order that halted the project there monday's heavy rain has led to more pools of stagnant water between the beach and beach front homes, resident, are said to be beyond frustrated. >> here we have the same pond ing again, and it is pretty obviously not percolat ing into the ground. so, you know, our fear is that this is the new normal. >> now, some locals have taken to calling the stagnant water lake christie because of the governor's support of the dune construction project. a couple of water main breaks to tell but as you head out this morning. this one in south philadelphia , it has some lanes in south broad street shut down this morning.
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chopper three was over that scene near geary street yesterday. ruptured 12-inch main left a gaping hole in the street there a result, southbound lanes of south broad street are closed between 32nd and 3300 blocks. three neighboring businesses are also, without water. this water main break in frankford has been gushing for days, near torresdale avenue and orchard street, officials tell us that they are aware of the break there but due to construction they just can't get there to fix it. we are told break is not affecting any homes or businesses. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating shooting death of the 22-year old man in strawberry mansion. police tell us man was shot three times in the stomach near york and garnett street around 11:30 last night. victim was driven in a private vehicle to temple university hospital where he underwent surgery, and then later died. >> we believe that the victim was standing on the curb, when the shooting, fired three shots, striking the victim all
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three times, from witnesses the victim then ran south on garnett street. >> police say suspect was last seen running from the scene as we just heard wearing a white t-shirt and camouflage shirts, pants and if you have any information philadelphia police want to hear from you. wilmington police are on the scene of the early morning shooting, crime scene investigators mark off 10 shell casings near intersection of north pine and e sixth street just after 2:30. police say their investigation is not complete and they will have an update later this morning. police in atlantic city are investigating after a person is found dead inside a hotel room at tropicana casino and resort. police responded to the 37th floor of the hotel last night shortly after 5:30. hotel staff call 911. another man in the room also suffered injuries, right now police are not releasing anymore details but they say it is an isolated incident and there are no safety concerns for the public.
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well, philadelphia man accused of sexually assaulting and killing his one year-old stepson is expect to make a preliminary court appearance today. twenty-five year-old salem salamis facing murder, salt and rape charges in the death of the baby back in june. police found the child un un response with bruces and abrasions in the 1700 block of south conestoga street, and salem has been held without bail in the philadelphia county jail. a bucks county funeral director is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients. police say david faust, owner of faust funeral home, in hume ville, stole money from 54 clients. pennsylvania law requires that funeral homes set up escrow accounts for clients who want to prepay for a funeral so that way money cannot be touched without a death certificate. investigators say some of that money would have never made tonight to such accounts. >> we have discovered that in fact, the defendant, david
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faust, had used almost 300,000 doll ars in prepaid burial contract money. >> investigators say that in one case faust obtained fund using a death certificate signed almost 14 years ago but detectives say that person is still alive. police charged faust with forgery, social security fraud back in april. police in bensalem have arrested this man after they say he provoke them on line. officers say shehim malik taunted bensalem police department on social media and challenge them to put him in prison on a active warrant. he faces charges including drug possession with the intent to distribute. well, "eyewitness news" getting to the bottom of the fast food restaurant's mistake that went viral. wendy a necessary delaware county was charging customers the philadelphia city beverage tax, right, um. it happened in ridley park on monday. general manager says that customers there were mistakenly charged an extra 45 cents per drink, and we spoke to the man who spotted the is
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take. >> i get the same thing number four, diet coke. they charge me 45 cents for a philadelphia beverage surcharge. it is not about the 45 cents but principal that they implemented a new charge and didn't let customers know. i felt like everyone needed to know. >> customers over charge and still had their receipts could return to the restaurant for a refund or a free drink. police in darby township are strengthening bond with the community that they serve. >> they celebrated national night out by sharing burgers with neighbors. free event took place in the parking lot of the darby police department. it was plenty of food, games, and fun, neighbors got to see these special equipment, and also vehicles, that police used to carry out their duties >> they see, not only all we do is arrest people but we want to interact with the community in a positive manner and let them see is there more to the police department then just, chasing people, arresting people. >> national night out involves
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over 35 million people and more than 10,000 communities across the nation. this was the second year darby township held the event. looks like a good turnout. >> very nice event. police are on the hunt for a pair of thieves, after a despicable crime is caught on camera. >> you see here swiped the collection jar from the south jersey diner, what the money was intended for and how the community is responding, when we come right why do the best things in life create so much mess! more nights in... more gooey cheesy dishes. more pie plates... more bake sales... so many goodtimes... so many dirty dishes. tackle them all with finish® quantum. even on the toughest messes finish® gives you a unbeatable clean.
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back now a chester county man is charged with murder after he admits to shooting and killing his next door neighbor. west goshen police say 51 year-old clayton carter shot g brooks jennings once in the head and then stood over his body and shot him again this was during an argument 1:00 a.m. 2:00 a.m., police say carter had a long standing dispute with the victim and other neighbors. carter claims jennings threatened him with the knife. he was remand todd chester county prison. this isn't the first neighbor's dispute toend in
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gunfire in our region recently 69 year-old kennel holy admitted to shooting a couple in, frankford july 16th. couple lived near him in the 4700 block of james street. he said he shot them in self-defense after they tried to climb his fence but the philadelphia district attorney 's office has charged hoyle with two counts of first degree murder. two men were caught stealing a collection jar from the new jersey diner this surveillance video captured the bear at harrison house diner in mullica yesterday morning around 6:00. they say it appears one grabbed the jar while the other acted as a look out. we are told collection jar was for a local food shelter and was holding $200. we just got an update from the owner of the diner and he tells thaws several generous customers have, contacted him and they are offering to replace the stolen money. very nice. man charged with killing a western missouri police officer during a traffic stop sunday night is under arrest thanks to the tip. missouri state highway patrol
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sent iain mccarthey was arrested after a manhunt involving 100 local, county, and even state law enforcement officers. mccarthey was wanted in the death of clinton missouri, police officer, gary michaels. >> we were given information by a passerby just a pedestrian that was walking on the highway, and that is when the henry county sheriff's office received that information, they relayed it to the trooper headquarters. >> mccarthey is also wanted in new hampshire for alleged crimes in that state. missouri state highway patrol sergeant bill lowe, according to missouri, highway sergeant, bill lee. emergency teams are scrambling to rescue victims of the earthquake in the mountainous region in china. at least 13 people are dead and almost 200 injured after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rattled southwestern part of that country. officials say at lee five of the victims are tourist to the areas mountains and waterfalls earthquake also knocked out
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power, phone networks which is hampering rescue efforts this morning. well, time is 4:45. back here at home katie has another check of the forecast. >> we hear it will be sunny today, it will be so nice. >> so, so nice, it took a while for those cloud to break once they did we had a nice second half of the day. we will see entire day look the same throughout, today, absolutely gorgeous day coming up with light wind, low humidity, all check for a nice day. other than this little veil of cloud, that appears over last three hours loop you would never know there was a loop because it is so clear. as a result temperatures have had a chance to drop off very readily, very light wind as well, look at this, mount pocono down to the 40's in august in the most unheard of thing but it is somewhat rare, 67 current temperature at the airport and we are in at 64 with calm wind in atlantic city. it doesn't get much better then this with full, bright sunshine all day long it looks
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beautiful. high of 84. not too hot, just right, north wind at 5 miles an hour, so light you will still have excuse to go for the hair stylist if i so choose because it is a good hair day. 6:07. under clear skies it stays quite comfortable if you want to leave that window opening rather than using air conditioning. i don't see any major need for ac say for humidity that starts to build by friday especially. weekend isn't perfect, i think of the two days saturday probably is wetter day but even still scattered showers or thunderstorms at worse what we're looking ahead to but by monday the chance for steady rain, comes back to the outlook. >> of course, it does, right, katie. >> yes. rainy days and monday. >> good morning, everybody, all right. we are looking outside, vine closed for overnight construction between schuylkill and broad. westbound, eastbound still closed, i will let you know as crews move out and resurfacing project happening again overnight schuylkill eastbound between gulph mills and gladwynn you can see those cones in the road right lane
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compromised there and hopefully they will move out. they usually do i would say around 5:00 o'clock. i will let you know when they move out. ninety-five south between blue route, commodore barry bridge, head up, it might be moving out of our way. we will let you know when we get confirmation on that. there is construction there and there was overnight. construction 422 westbound between route 23 and troop their right lane compromised there, you see those crews out there looking busy. we are tapping on the breaks traveling on pennsylvania and might get a gaper delay as we look at workers out there. just a head up, lots more to discuss, in a little bit, back over to you. a head up for veterans looking for a job get your resumes ready, tomorrow more than 50 employers will be at lincoln financial field for a veterans job fare. event kicks off at 11:00 and end at 3:00 p.m. free hiring event is opened to all veterans, military spouses , guardmen and reservists. if you are interested i will powe full details on my
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back on "eyewitness news" police are asking for public's help finding a man they say robbed a td bank in university city. take a close look, taken inside the bank on the 3700 block of walnut street. police say suspect entered the bank, approached the counter and showed teller a note demanding money. he then took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you recognize this man philadelphia police want to hear from you. time is 4:50. time to check business news. >> roxana saberi joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, roxana 's. >> dow jones winning streak snapped yesterday, what is the very latest there. >> good morning, guys. dow jones second longest winning streak in a year has broken as rising tensions with north korea weighed on shares. that was even after labor department report showed that u.s. job openings surged in june a sign that solid hiring
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seen in recent months will continue. dow jones ended 33 points down and nasdaq fell 13. jan and rahel. >> so, a pizza chain is giving customers a new way to order without having to speak to anyone. how does it work. >> reporter: yes, little caesars is rolling out a new service letting customers order on a mobile app and go to the local branch, enter code and pick up for is what called a hot box. little caesars is testing the service in air zone, mcdonald's began introducing self service kiosk last year and panera offers it letting people order on line and show up, grab their food from the local restaurant. >> guess we don't to have talk to anyone. >> we will talk to anyone again. >> i'm split on this, roxana, sometimes it is convenient, but we're avoiding all human contact these days. slippery slope. >> we will forget how to talk. >> nice talking to roxana. >> see you next half an hour, thank you.
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we have a sunny day. so katie just how warm we will get. >> we will end up with comfortable warmth here, nothing too hot even for august standard but we will end up below average out there but bigger story is how comfortable it feels and we will talk about those humidity levels coming up and how long they will last and the low won that is after clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but will it stop this teen from being embarassed by her parents? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne,
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back on "eyewitness news" police in one new jersey shore town are trying to find owner of the go pro that washed up on the beach. >> police in surf city say this go pro was found on 24th street beach on sunday, officers believed that this man may be the owner, take a good look, police released a few good pictures f you recognize any of the people give police a call to track them down. worse thing losing a camera you lose your memory. >> go pro they are not cheap. >> so, we will send it over to katie. maybe a good beach day. >> i would say, anything you have got going outside after
4:55 am
it. you try to savior, bottle it up if you can because it looks just so pleasant all day long today. lunch outside, maybe do some grilling later on today, take a walk, whatever it is that you can do to enjoy time outside you will want to do to it day because these are days that don't necessarily come all that often and when they do you want to enjoy them while you have got them. storm scan is quiet. we have moisture but way off to the south at this point so still watching a system making full exit. the cooler air more northerly wind flow component is there so it has allowed them to drop off with dry air in place and dew points are down at 60 or lower. in short it feels very, very comfortable and light wind to go witt, it doesn't get much better then this. tomorrow is looking pretty darn fantastic. by friday don't get too worried about that thunderstorm icon, i think we're talking spotty at war. keep your outdoor plans but do
4:56 am
know, it is turning unsettled throughout the course of the weekend. saturday likely the weather of the two days but we are talk scattered showers and thunderstorms, not the best weekend bye not the worst, either. >> we will take that. we will take it. not that we have a choice but we will take it. looking outside, well, we have construction out there 422 westbound between route 23 and trooper. it is looking busy traveling by here not that you wouldn't be used to it. it has been out there a while, all of the construction, but just a head up as we go through morning and it will start to build up in the 5:00 o'clock hour we will see more brake lights in that area vine closed for construction, westbound side is opened, waiting on the eastbound side to completely opened, that schuylkill eastbound ramp to the vine and overnight on the schuylkill eastbound between gulph mills and gladwynn that has been since cleared, right lane compromised again they have moved out of the way. another area, pennsylvania turnpikee and westbound between valley forge and route 29 that just cleared as well. northeast extension however still out there, north and south between mid county and
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quakertown. looking around that area we are seeing still seeing green. still dark and early not slowing you down too much. we have a water main break that has cause aid large sinkhole coming up in about 10 minutes, jan, back over to you meisha, thank you. harlem globetrotters are practicing ahead of their big appearance next week. >> wait until you see this shot, look at this. crazy. that is bullard dropping the shot from 210 feet above the net in the helicopter. he makes it look easy. plenty more trick shots at wildwood convention center for four nights, tip off next wednesday. >> how do they do that. >> i don't know how that is possible. >> it is one in a million but you see them doing it over and offer again. >> fantastic. >> love them. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", margate dune battle heads to federal court we are live with what a judge is expect to hear today. police say this south jersey moth's abandoned her
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son with special need hear what she had to say to "eyewitness news". we have told but the risk to human eyes during solar eclipse but what about your pets? we will tell you to keep them safe at top of the hour. bu
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off the beach and into the courts, happening today, the battle over margate's dune project head to federal court, we're live with the big decision a judge is expected to make this morning. also breaking news overnight it is called a deliberate attack on soldiers overseas. six service members were run down in the suburb of paris and we will tell you what the marries now saying. eyes of the world have turned once again to north korea as kim jong unthreatens u.s. territory of qu a.m. but as president trump who fired a first shot in the war


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